Can truck accidents lead to post-traumatic stress disorder?

Being involved in a truck accident can be very difficult. It doesn’t matter what caused the accident. In some cases, you might suffer from physical injuries, such as spinal cord injuries, broken bones or concussions. In addition to the physical injuries that you might suffer from, you might also notice that your mental health has been affected by the accident. Post-traumatic stress disorder is one of the mental health diagnoses that you might receive after a traumatic truck accident.

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Making a claim after an Ontario auto accident

When people are seriously injured in a truck accident, they sometimes face substantial financial expenses along with monetary and income losses. In Ontario, the province mandates all insurance providers carry a standard set of benefits for those who have been injured. After an accident, people can file a claim against the at-fault driver and his or her policy should provide certain categories of benefits.

The standard coverages are called the Statutory Accidents Benefits Coverages, and they are based on regulations called the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule. SABS outlines the categories of benefits that must be made available to injured people. If a person is unable to work following an accident, they may receive income replacement through the policy for lost income. People who provided care for another person who are unable to do so may be eligible for a caregiver benefit to help with expenses. People who did not work but whose quality of life has been significantly impacted may be eligible for non-earner benefits.

Medical and rehabilitation benefits are available to pay the expenses of medical care and ongoing rehabilitation costs. If an injured person requires the help of a medical aide or personal attendant, he or she may receive attendant care benefits to pay for the aide’s employment. Other types of benefits may include compensation for losses suffered in the accident, costs for a person’s family to visit, home maintenance and repair costs and housekeeping expenses. If the injured person has died because of the accident, his or her family may receive benefits for funeral expenses.

A truck accident can be especially catastrophic for others. People who are seriously injured may benefit from filing a claim to receive the compensation require by law. A personal injury lawyer may be able to help a victim throughout this process.

Source: Financial Services Commission of Ontario, “After an Auto Accident: Understanding the Claims Process”, accessed Jan. 10, 2015

Fiery Ontario truck crash injures 2

A multi-vehicle crash that occurred Aug. 15 in the greater Toronto area has resulted in at least two injuries. The accident happened around 2 a.m. in the eastbound express lanes of Highway 401 in Morningside. According to a sergeant with the Ontario Provincial Police, Ministry of Transportation workers were on the scene cleaning up debris from a crash that had occurred when a tractor-trailer rig crashed into several of their vehicles and caught on fire around 9 p.m. the previous evening.

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Pileup on Highway 401 involving more than 20 vehicles

Whiteout conditions may have contributed to a large pileup in the morning hours of Jan. 29 that temporarily closed an Ontario highway. The truck accident involved over 20 vehicles, and it took place on a three kilometre stretch of Highway 401 between Deseronto and Napanee.

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