Slip, Trip And Fall Accident Lawyers

Many people think of slip-and-fall accidents as trips in grocery stores or on icy sidewalks. While many cases of serious injury are caused in such circumstances, all owners and occupiers of property in Ontario have a responsibility to keep their areas safe. This includes the government, business owners and individuals. Failure to take care of hazards can result in a legal claim based on premises (occupiers) liability.Clonfero Law Firm is a plaintiff-side litigation firm in Toronto, whose lawyers represent slip, trip and fall accident victims. For our clients, one simple step can result in life-changing physical ailments, including chronic whiplash, broken bones and head injury. We, like our clients, have recovery from these injuries as our central focus. We take on the legal claim while they focus on healing.

Next Steps After A Serious Slip-And-Fall

Evidence of the scene of a slip-and-fall is very important to a successful legal claim. A hazard that caused the trip, such as an unkempt sidewalk, product display case, beverage spill or unsafe staircase, should be documented so a lawyer can take steps to advocate for the injured person. At Clonfero Law Firm, we can help if your accident was caused by inadequate property maintenance, including:

  • Poor lighting
  • Faulty handrails
  • Dangerous materials left on property

When you contact us, we will give you the information you need to weigh the benefits and risks of filing a legal claim. After learning about your circumstances and concerns, we will be honest about how we can help. Once you become our client, we remain committed to ongoing communication about your well-being and the status of your case.

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There are strict time limits on filing a legal claim for a slip-and-fall, in particular when it happened on city property. To learn how we can help you through your recovery, call us at 416-703-2077 in Toronto or 1-416-703-2077 toll free in Ontario to schedule a consultation. You can also send us an email to get in touch.