Catastrophic Injury Lawyers

Catastrophic injury can put a person’s life on hold. In a moment, plans for the future are halted and the focus turns to recovery. While treatment is ongoing, practical concerns do not go away. Injured people must still look after their financial responsibilities and care for their families while giving their attention to medical care and treatment.

At such times, people look to their insurance coverage to provide for their medical and financial needs. After years of paying premiums, privately or through their employer, they expect that the insurance company will uphold its duty of good faith and pay benefits. However, this commitment is not always met, and injured people require advocacy to obtain what they deserve.

At Clonfero Law Firm in Toronto, our catastrophic injury lawyers are there to help injured people when they do not get the right support. Applying for insurance benefits, appealing denied claims and working through the maze of the health care system can be a maddening process. We are here to reduce the stress so our clients can focus on getting better.

We help restore your peace of mind.

Serious accidents cause injuries that are permanently life-changing and require long-term treatment and rehabilitation. During this long journey, the day-to-day challenges of life do not go away. At our firm, we hear clients’ stories of distress as they attempt to survive financially. This distress is an additional burden for those who are already bravely living with a new physical or emotional reality. Our clients are living with many diagnoses, including:

Our founder, René Clonfero, has been a personal injury lawyer for nearly 20 years. He leads our team of legal professionals who have one focus: making life better for our clients. When we meet with individuals and families, we start by listening to their unique needs and concerns. Then we become their passionate advocates on the road to recovery.

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