Psychological Condition

People living with mental illness may feel isolated and alone. They may feel misunderstood, as if they are the only people experiencing their condition. In reality, the community of people living with mental illness is large. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, about 10 percent of people experience a mood disorder at some point in their lives.

Despite the fact that psychological illness is common and, in many cases, treatable, not everyone has access to the help they need. Accessing treatment is one issue. Securing financial support when the illness interferes with the ability to work is another. At Clonfero Law Firm in Toronto, we help our clients with both of these concerns. Proper diagnosis, prescribed courses of treatment and benefits to replace lost income are all necessary for our clients.

Legal Advocacy For Mental Illness

The challenge of living with mental illness is often compounded by the fact that employers, co-workers and insurers lack appropriate knowledge about its effects. Our lawyers are long-term advocates for people with psychological conditions that affect their quality of life. We are proud of our association with and support of the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario. Our legal work includes assistance for people with:

When a person is living with illness, it can be hard to reach out. The denial of insurance benefits, workplace pressure and strain in interpersonal relationships can cause severe distress. Facing a fight with an insurer or corporation may be overwhelming. The legal fight need not be pursued alone. We can help.

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