Long Term Disability

Long-term disability is intended to provide coverage in the form of replacement income should you become unable to work due to disability. Often, long-term disability benefits are bundled with short-term disability payments that cover the initial period of income replacement. Most people’s long-term disability coverage is through a workplace group plan, although some also receive this insurance privately. Specific coverage differs from policy to policy, but in general coverage is available for any illness that prevents an insured person from working.

Insurance coverage should provide people with peace of mind that if they do become disabled, they will not experience financial devastation because of income loss. Replacement benefits should provide them with a measure of economic stability. However, the long-term disability process is rarely straightforward. Often, vulnerable people will be told they do not qualify and their claim will bedenied, or terminated after a certain period of time.

We can restore your peace of mind.

At Clonfero Law Firm in Toronto, we stand on the side of injured people. We hold insurance companies to their duty of good faith, which is a central component to insurance contracts. It is important for claimants to know that insurance benefits are not charity; these benefits are owed under the terms of a contract for which an insured person has paid regular premiums. Through this work, we help long-term disability applicants to regain their peace of mind. In fact, in the realm of insurance law, the courts have deemed these to be “peace of mind” contracts.

If you have questions about your claim for long-term disability, our lawyers in Toronto can answer them. Many of our clients have received unwelcome news from an insurer, stating their claim is denied; when we dig a little deeper, we often find that mere technicalities, such as certain required forms, are missing and that is the reason for denial. Other times, the insurer is demanding information or evidence to prove the injury, when that evidence is not actually required by the contract.

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