Can truck accidents lead to post-traumatic stress disorder?

Being involved in a truck accident can be very difficult. It doesn’t matter what caused the accident. In some cases, you might suffer from physical injuries, such as spinal cord injuries, broken bones or concussions. In addition to the physical injuries that you might suffer from, you might also notice that your mental health has been affected by the accident. Post-traumatic stress disorder is one of the mental health diagnoses that you might receive after a traumatic truck accident.

What are the categories of PTSD symptoms?

PTSD symptoms fall into three categories. Hyperarousal is one category. This includes symptoms like being on constant guard against dangers, feeling a high level of anxiety or being startled easily. Avoidance is another category. This includes trying to avoid triggers of the accident, such as situations, people or thoughts that might cause you to remember the accident. Flashbacks are another category. This includes involuntarily reliving the truck crash. This can involve nightmares or awakened flashbacks of the events.

Are all mental changes after an accident attributed to PTSD?

It is normal to feel some sense of anxiety and some minor mental changes after an accident. These should all abate as time progresses. If the symptoms persist for more than one month, an evaluation for PTSD is likely necessary, especially if those symptoms are causing problems with daily life functioning.

If you suffer from PTSD, you might find that you are unable to work. This can cause problems for you financially. If that is the case, you might opt to seek damages for any physical and mental injuries you suffered in the accident.

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