Internal bleeding is a critical issue requiring emergency care

Being struck by a vehicle is a horrific experience for any pedestrian. These accidents can lead to a host of injuries. Some injuries, such as bruising, aren’t life-threatening. Other injuries, such as internal bleeding, are much more serious and can be life-threatening.

Internal bleeding can result from two different types of injuries — penetrating or blunt force. Penetrating injuries occur when something penetrates the body. In the case of a pedestrian accident, this could be a piece of metal that is shoved into the victim’s body. Blunt force trauma occurs when something hits the body with enough force to cause a severe injury. The impact of the car against the body is an example of a blunt force trauma.

When there is an internal injury that is bleeding, the main issue is that the patient can die. There are several signs of internal bleeding that might occur. One of the most common symptoms of internal bleeding is severe pain in the abdomen. Other symptoms include dizziness, headache or severe bruising at the injury site. If severe bruising is present, it is usually over a large area of skin that will appear deep purple.

All internal bleeding injuries require care in the emergency department. If you or your loved one suffered from an injury that is thought to have caused internal bleeding, you should seek medical care first. Once you have gotten medical care, you might choose to seek compensation for the accident. Learning how to do this can help you ensure you take appropriate steps.

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