Pedestrians and bicyclists face severe injuries in accidents

Pedestrians and bicyclists face some unique challenges when they are moving along the roadways. Not only do they have to watch for obstacles on the sidewalk or roadway, they also have to watch out for drivers who might not be watching out for them. The disturbing fact is that pedestrians and bicyclists are at the mercy of motorists.

When motorists aren’t giving their full attention to their driving, they run the risk of having an accident. When you pit a heavy car against a person who is walking or on a bike, there is no doubt that the car will win. That means that the pedestrian or bicyclist is likely to suffer from injuries that can affect his or her quality of life.

We know that you didn’t go out for a walk or a ride with the expectation of being hit by a car. With that in mind, we know that you probably aren’t ready to have to deal with the effects of the injuries you suffered. Not only will you have to deal with medical bills, you might also have to deal with time off of work.

We can help you to seek compensation for the injuries you suffered. We can work with the insurance companies that are involved, as well as working toward a personal injury settlement. You aren’t alone in your quest to keep your finances intact. We can help you learn about the options that you have for getting your medical bills paid for and recouping the money you lost because of time that you missed at work.