Pedestrian dies in pickup truck crash, driver charged

An Ontario man has been charged with impaired driving and criminal negligence following a pickup truck accident that killed a pedestrian. Police say that the auto accident happened in the early hours of July 5 in St. Catharines after a police pursuit was cancelled over safety concerns.

The incident began when police received reports about an erratic driver in a pickup truck travelling at a high speed on Queen Elizabeth Way Highway, according to the police report. When a patrol officer approached the vehicle, the driver did not stop, and a brief pursuit followed. Authorities called off the pursuit over concerns about public safety, and the patrol officer lost sight of the pickup as it exited the highway. Shortly after that, the driver lost control, causing the pickup to hit a pedestrian at an intersection; the truck then ran into a tree.

The 67-year-old female pedestrian, a local resident, was pronounced deceased after she was taken to hospital. The 30-year-old male driver was arrested and charged with impaired driving resulting in death and criminal negligence. He is also charged with running from police, leaving the scene of a crash and driving with an invalid licence.

When a vehicle hits a pedestrian, there is a risk that the pedestrian may suffer serious or fatal injuries. Even if the accident happens at speeds as slow as 50 km/h, the person could suffer serious injuries. The families of pedestrians who die in traffic accidents might be burdened with both emotional and financial damages, but the Family Law Act could help them to recover some of those damages.

Under the Family Law Act, the parents, siblings and children of people who are killed in accidents may be entitled to compensation, which may reimburse them for funeral costs and for loss of income or other services. It might also compensate the family for the loss of companionship and guidance. A personal injury lawyer could evaluate their case and help them assemble a claim.

Source: CTV News, “Man facing 5 charges after pedestrian killed by pickup truck “, July 05, 2014