Ontario man struck and killed while bicycling

On April 5, a 60-year-old man died after being hit by a car while he was out riding his bicycle on the eastern edge of the greater Toronto area. Police say that the man was part of a group of eight cyclists who were traveling in Clarington near the intersection of Solina Road and Bloor Street.

The fatal bicycle accident took place shortly before 11 a.m. while the group of cyclists was traveling westbound along Bloor Street. Police say the group was planning to make a left turn onto Solina Road shortly before the accident. At the same time, a woman driving westbound in a Pontiac Vibe tried to pass the cyclists using the eastbound lane. The victim was struck after turning in front of the woman’s vehicle.

Emergency personnel rushed the injured cyclist to the hospital, but he died during the trip. None of the other cyclists were injured, but the car driver who was involved was sent to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries. Police did not file any criminal charges immediately after the accident, but the events that took place are still being investigated. Road conditions were reportedly favourable for cycling when the fatal incident took place.

When a cyclist dies after being hit by a car, the right to maintain a claim for financial compensation gets transferred to the victim’s family members. Many families that have recently lost a loved one in a bicycle accident decide to seek the assistance of a lawyer who has experience in these matters. A lawyer may be able to handle the uncomfortable tasks of assessing damages in preparation of filing a lawsuit against the responsible party.

Source: CBC News, “Cyclist dies after being struck by car east of Toronto,” April 5, 2015