Highway crash leaves 1 dead, another injured

Some Ontario residents may wish to be made aware that a 22-year-old man has died following an incident on Highway 401 in the Greater Toronto Area. The accident took place on Monday, March. 10 before 5 a.m.

According to police, the fatal motor-vehicle accident began when a taxi cab driver lost control after a crash with a vehicle and hit a Mercedes-Benz. The BMW driver was killed and another woman was hospitalized with serious injuries. Police say that fire crews were forced to cut off the BMW’s roof in order to rescue two passengers trapped inside. The driver was ejected during the initial impact and died at the scene. The westbound lanes of 401 were closed for several hours while authorities investigated the incident and worked to clear the scene.

After an incident like this one, the subsequent investigation often focuses on ascertaining what transpired and which party, if any, is to be considered liable. Determining liability may help those who were injured pursue compensation for the damages suffered in the accident. The driver who caused the accident may be ordered to pay compensation to accident victims that covers the cost of out-of-pocket medical care and wages lost.

In cases where death occurs, the damages suffered by the family of the deceased victim may also be covered. Those damages might include the financial and emotional support offered by the victim. Through personal injury lawsuits filed with the help of a lawyer, those who were damaged in this accident may be able to maintain financial stability.

Source: City News, “1 dead, 1 injured in Hwy. 401 crash“, Diana Pereira, March 10, 2014