Cut in insurance benefits can affect car accident victims

Ontario’s car insurance industry is a profitable industry for a variety of people. It seems as though the victims of car accidents aren’t among that list. That isn’t to say that the insurance Ontario residents carry is useless. In fact, that isn’t the case at all.

Insurance companies in Ontario compensate treatment providers for the care they give accident victims. This means that victims can generally get good medical care after the accident.

The problem runs deeper than that. Because of the fraudulent claims that the car insurance companies sometimes receive and pay, people who have legitimate claims are often targeted. That means that people who have paid their premiums might be without the care they need after an accident.

Finance Minister Charles Sousa once boasted that “Ontario is the most generous” in the country for “providing coverage for auto insurance.” That, however, isn’t the case. Ontario isn’t the most generous for minor or catastrophic injuries.

Just last week, protesters at Queen’s Park stood against insurance companies and the government because of legislation that favours insurance companies. The recent legislation that was passed cut the benefits in half for victims of car accidents who suffer from life-changing injuries that are catastrophic.

With the decline in benefits for victims, some people who are injured in a car accident might decide to head to court to seek the compensation they need. Knowing about the process for doing this and understand the points of seeking compensation might help the victims of car accidents to get the compensation they need to help them get medical care and cover other expenses related to the accident.

Source: Toronto Sun, “Car crash victims deserve better deal,” June 06, 2015