Cars hit pole, 1 bicyclist killed, other people injured

Paying attention to anything that might affect your driving is vital if you are behind the steering wheel of a vehicle. In some cases, a motor vehicle accident can lead to injuries of bystanders. A recent case in Ontario shows just how seriously bystanders can be hurt if an accident occurs.

Shortly after 6 p.m., two cars got into an accident on Dufferin Street. The accident caused the cars to slam into a pole. The poll fell when it was struck. When the pole toppled, it hit two bicyclists. One of the bicyclists was killed. The other bicyclist was seriously injured, but those injuries weren’t thought to be life-threatening.

Three other people were also injured in the accident. Two of those were in one car, and one was in the other car. None of those injuries were said to be serious. They all required treatment at the hospital.

Bicycling should be a safe activity; however, the sheer size and weight of vehicles pose unique risks to people who are bicycling. As you can tell from this accident, even if the vehicle doesn’t strike the bicyclist directly, it can still cause injuries to people if it strikes objects that are nearby.

The family of the bicyclist who died and the victims who were injured in the accident might choose to explore their options for seeking compensation. Monetary compensation isn’t going to take away the pain of the accident, but it might help to cover out-of-pocket expenses and final expenses that were necessary because of the fatal motor vehicle accident.

Source: CBC News, “Cyclist killed after pole topples in collision of 2 cars,” June 29, 2015