Can pedestrians suffer broken bones when they are hit by a car?

Serious injuries can occur when a pedestrian is struck by a car. Head injuries, cuts, traumatic amputations, crushing injuries and broken bones are some of those injuries. When it comes to broken bones, immediate medical care is needed to ensure that the break doesn’t lead to more problems in the future.

What are some symptoms of a broken bone?

Intense pain, numbness, tingling, swelling, bleeding and bruising are some symptoms of a broken bone. You might see that the bone is out of place or broken through the skin. In some cases, a broken bone might be mistaken for a dislocated joint. Any pedestrian who has any symptoms of a broken bone after being struck by a car should seek out medical care.

Are there risks to broken bones?

Infection is one of the common risks associated with a broken bone, especially if the skin is broken. Because of the risk of infection, covering the area with a sterile dressing is vital if the skin is broken. Other risks include profuse bleeding if blood vessels are broken and changes in blood circulation.

What should I do if I have a broken bone?

Try not to move the affected area. Trying to move the area without it being stabilised can lead to more injuries. If you think you have a fractured spine, you shouldn’t move at all.

Seeking medical care for a broken bone can lead to medical bills. Those bills will come at a time when you might be off work because of your injuries. Seeking compensation for the injury might help to reduce the strain on your finances caused by the accident.

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