Brain injuries are a major concern in Canada

Many Ontario residents are aware of the perils associated with brain injuries. In fact, during the past three decades, brain injuries have become a public health issue that commands attention. Recent estimates show that, every year, thousands of people in Canada suffer a traumatic brain injury, with the bulk of these cases comprised by young adults. Moreover, statistics indicate that men are twice as likely as women to suffer a traumatic brain injury.

In many cases, brain injuries resulted from a fall or an auto accident. Researchers claim that the majority of fatal bicycle accidents are linked to brain injuries. In reality, a brain injury is caused by any blow to the head with enough force to impair one or more of the brain’s many functions.

There are a myriad of physical, psychological, cognitive and even emotional effects that may accompany a serious brain injury. Severe depression is one of them. Other effects may include but are not limited to sudden changes in behavior, speech impairment, emotional instability, impulse control issues, anger management difficulties, a reduced capacity for problem solving and planning, attenuation of memory and overall dependence.

On account of modern medication and advancements in health care, many victims of brain injuries may retain a typical life expectancy. However, in many cases, victims require specialized care throughout the entirety of their lives. The cost of long-term specialized care can be overwhelming, and this may place an immense financial strain on the victim’s loved ones and caregivers.

For this reason, people who suffer a traumatic brain injury as the result of an accident caused by another party’s actionable behavior, such as negligence or recklessness, often retain a personal injury lawyer and file suit against the at-fault party. In this way, victims may seek financial compensation for the economic damages associated with their brain injuries, including the lifelong costs of specialized medical care.

Source: Brain Injury Association of Canada, “What is Brain Injury?“, September 22, 2014