Depression is more than “the blues,” which people experience for a short period of time and quickly get over. The Canadian Mental Health Association defines major depressive disorder as severe feelings of despair that persist, affecting every aspect of day-to-day life, including home life, relationships and work. Depression can be a “stand alone” diagnosis or occur alongside other psychological conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder. It can also result from living with physical injury such as chronic pain. Regardless of the cause, depression has an undeniable impact on people and their families.

People living with mental illness such as depression often require financial support because of their inability to work. Financial support can also provide people with the resources they need to begin treatment and manage their condition, so they can be on the road to wellness. The CMHA states that four out of five people with depression can be treated successfully, but notes that depression is often most undetected in the workplace because this is where people try hardest to mask their illness.

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Insurance companies often deny or terminate long-term disability claims for depression, taking away the peace of mind of claimants and replacing it with severe distress. At Clonfero Law Firm, representing people with mental illness is something we do every day to make sure they have access to the benefits they have paid for in good faith. When a client of ours is experiencing depression, after an accident or as a result of other causes, our Toronto lawyers work to help them regain quality of life.

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