Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

The Canadian Mental Health Association defines post-traumatic stress disorder as reliving a traumatic situation long after the danger has passed, through flashbacks and nightmares. Symptoms of PTSD include emotional withdrawal and numbness, loss of interest in activities, sleeplessness, increased aggression, and difficulty concentrating or finishing tasks. This is all in addition to the central symptom, which is reliving the event, often in response to certain stressors such as the event’s anniversary or things that remind them of what happened.

The CMHA characterizes PTSD as an anxiety disorder. It often occurs simultaneously with other mental health conditions such as depression. Treatments for PTSD include cognitive-behavioural therapy and medication. Like many psychological conditions, proper diagnosis is central to receiving the proper medical care. In order to be properly diagnosed and supported through treatment, a sufferer or family member must reach out and ask for help. When a person or family is already under strain, this can be hard to do.

Gaining Access To Care And Treatment

Clonfero Law Firm in Toronto has lawyers helping post-traumatic stress disorder patients gain the support they need to achieve recovery. As advocates for injured people, including those with “invisible” illnesses, we connect our clients to the right professionals for diagnosis and treatment. We also help them secure compensation that will provide for them financially while the illness interferes with their ability to work.

Many insurance companies fail to recognize the severity of psychological conditions such as PTSD. When a claim is made for long-term disability benefits as a result of PTSD connected to car accidents or workplace accidents, the claim may be denied or it may be terminated before the person has fully recovered. At Clonfero Law Firm, taking care of people is our mandate. If you suspect you, or a close family member, are experiencing PTSD, get in touch with us. We can help.

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