Mood Disorders

Those living with mood disorders and other “invisible” illnesses face many challenges. The public at large, employers, co-workers and insurers may lack an understanding of what these individuals must overcome in the workplace and the barriers they face to well-being at home. When someone with a mood disorder takes steps toward recovery, he or she should receive support.

Long-term disability benefits should be available for people when they cannot work due to their medical condition. When that medical condition is an “invisible” illness, disability benefits are not always forthcoming. For people with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or other psychological conditions, denial of insurance benefits can be devastating. Someone already emotionally fragile can be overwhelmed by a fight with a large company, and it may take some time before he or she asks for help.

Clonfero Law Firm is a unique group of personal injury professionals in Toronto. We have a particular focus on people living with mood disorders and maintain personal connections to this community. Our lawyers have helped many people to receive the peace of mind they need and deserve after their insurance benefits have been denied or terminated.

Listening To What You Need

Our clients with mood disorders share the concerns of others who cannot access LTD benefits. They worry about how they will survive financially; how they will afford their rent or mortgage, pay their bills and support their families. Although we know this to be the case for most people, we do not assume to know what our clients are going through. When you come to us for a consultation, we will ask you what you need. Then we will tell you how we can help.

Contact Us

To have a conversation about your LTD benefits, contact our disability lawyers in Toronto. We have a particular focus on mood disorders and mental illness; we will be accessible to you however you would like to communicate. To reach us in Toronto, call 416-703-2077 in Toronto or 1-416-703-2077 toll free in Ontario or send us an email. There is no charge to call, and we do not receive payment until we settle your case and you receive compensation.