Chronic Pain Injury Lawyers

Living with chronic pain is difficult without support. Friends and family may be called upon to provide comfort and assistance with household and parenting duties while the person with chronic pain manages his or her symptoms. Pain can cause such severe disturbance in a person’s life that he or she is unable to work or maintain previous levels of social activity.

Medical experts differ in their assessment of when pain becomes “chronic.” Some diagnose it as soon as pain from another injury has persisted longer than expected. Others provide specific timelines such as three to six months. For the person living with pain, these technicalities are less important than having the right resources to regain quality of life.

At Clonfero Law Firm in Toronto, our lawyers assist chronic pain sufferers with access to medical care and compensation. Our goal is to help people by focusing on their treatment and recovery. Our clients tell us that living with injury is highly stressful and can cause financial strain. We are here to help restore their peace of mind.

Understanding Chronic Pain

Chronic pain often follows another injury, which fails to properly heal. The resulting conditions go by a number of different names such as fibromyalgia and chronic regional pain syndrome. Doctors rely heavily on a patient’s description of symptoms to make a diagnosis. It is among the many “invisible illnesses,” which may be difficult to assess with imaging techniques such as CTs or MRIs.

People with chronic pain face challenges accessing long-term disability benefits or other insurance claims. Often, retaining a lawyer can make the difference between making a successful initial claim or not, and having a successful appeal of denied or terminated coverage.

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