Orthopaedic Injury Lawyers

Orthopaedic injuries are those affecting the bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons. While for some a broken bone or fracture heals quickly, for others it can take many months, or it may never heal completely. What began as a break can become muscle strain, chronic pain or permanent loss of mobility, severely impacting quality of life.

Most people plan and expect to rely on their insurance coverage in the event of such trauma. When that coverage is inadequate or is cut off prematurely, the peace of mind of an insurance contract can turn to distress. At these times, it can be comforting to know there is help available. René Clonfero at Clonfero Law Firm is an established lawyer for Toronto orthopaedic injury victims and their families who face difficult odds during recovery.

We help restore your peace of mind.

For many people with orthopaedic injuries, physical limitations prevent them from working. They may also be unable to provide appropriate care for their children or other dependent family members. While returning to work or resuming household duties is the intent, their recovery may be slower than expected.

Many hope to rely on workplace long-term disability benefits to see them through financially. Although benefits may be paid initially, they may be terminated unexpectedly. When people are living with illness, fighting the termination may be an overwhelming prospect. At Clonfero Law Firm, standing up for people against insurance companies is what we do every day. We are here to make it easier; we are here to help.

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