Duty Of Good Faith

nsurance companies have a duty of good faith to those who are insured under their long-term disability policies. This duty results in specific requirements that the insurance company must meet when considering an LTD claim. Insurers must consider a claim fairly and issue a decision quickly as to whether the person meets the criteria for disability. If a company fails to meet its duty of good faith, it can be held liable in court not only for the amount of benefits that should have been paid under the policy, but also for additional damages related to bad faith.

Clonfero Law Firm works on behalf of people claiming disability insurance in Toronto. Our lawyers provide full-scale representation that not only results in proper payment of insurance benefits; we take the extra step and sue for bad faith when necessary. We believe that when people are living with illness or injury, they have the right to expect prompt attention and fair treatment from insurers.

We can restore your peace of mind.

Standing Up To Large Corporations

At Clonfero Law Firm, we have brought legal action against most of Canada’s large insurance companies and won. Having stood at the side of injured people for nearly 20 years, we know that life while recovering from injury is not easy. Courts have recognized that the experience of long-term disability claimants is central to the duty of good faith. Applicants are unable to work and have no other source of income. Without benefits, they face economic devastation and loss of peace of mind.

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