Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Motorcyclists are often faced with serious injuries following an accident. Without the structural support provided by a car, the impact of a collision with a vehicle can cause serious skin abrasions, road rash, broken bones, spinal cord injury and brain injury. Added to the burden of recovery is the misperception that motorcyclists are engaging in risky activity and riders should be declared at-fault for their condition.

These challenges can be overcome. Riders can access medical treatment and care that will aid in their recovery. While they focus on treatment and have limited working ability, they can also access benefits that will support them financially. Achieving these results often requires the assistance of legal counsel, who understand the legal intricacies of a motorcycle accident claim. Clonfero Law Firm’s Toronto motorcycle accident lawyers have both the legal skill and passionate dedication to help clients on the road to recovery.

Support Following Serious Injury

After a motorcyclist is injured, he or she may require a variety of supports to accommodate a plan of treatment and changes to way of life. In the case of spinal cord injury, for example, transitioning to home from hospital may require a plan in place for home and vehicle modifications, mobility aids, attendant care and ongoing physical therapy.

At Clonfero Law Firm, we make the transition from hospital to home easier on patients and their families. We take on the burden of communicating with insurance companies to secure appropriate benefits and in the case of negligence, are effective advocates in a lawsuit. Regardless of your circumstances, we help you to restore your peace of mind following a serious accident.

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